What are the withdrawal fees for using Bitmex?

Bitmex is a digital trading platform that allows users to trade on several cryptocurrency pairs. The platform is built on secure and powerful systems with several rounds of protection against fraud and hack attacks.
Since it deals with bitcoin only, Bitmex does not come under any form of regulatory oversight.
Why is Bitmex rated as one of the most popular Exchanges?
The answer lies in the margin they allow you to trade. Bitmex offers one of the highest margins among all derivate exchanges. For Bitcoin, you can trade up to 100x of your holdings. This means you can trade for up to 100 bitcoin if you hold 1 bitcoin.

This kind of margin advantage has attracted a lot of high-frequency traders to the exchange. Bitmex trades in over $2.3 billion worth of bitcoin every 24 hours, making them one of the biggest XBT exchanges in the world.
To keep themselves free from the regulatory overreach, Bitmex exclusively deals only in Bitcoin. This means all withdraws and deposits can only be done via bitcoin. Deposits can be done 24/7 and do not incur any fees from the exchange.
Withdrawals are done twice a day and they are also free of any transaction fees from the exchange.
But you have to pay the bitcoin network transaction charges to get the currency in and out of Bitmex. Depending on how much fees you are willing to pay, it may take from 10 minutes to several hours to confirm the transaction.
For deposits, Bitmex requires one blockchain confirmation.


To ensure all fund withdrawal requests are legitimate, Bitmex has implemented a manual verification. Every withdrawal is audited by two Bitmex employees by hand before approving the transactions. All private keys are kept in deep cold storage. None of the keys are stored in any kind of cloud service.
Every time the cold wallet is opened, it requires at least two out of three partners to sign out any withdrawal from the cold room.
Bitmex has implemented a unique multi-signature wallet to store bitcoin. This system is offline and air-gapped.
Even deposits are audited by third-party senders to ensure authenticity. In case of any discrepancy, the system is shut down, and an audit conducted.
Bitmex prides itself in the level of security they have implemented and to date, they have not had to any breaches. Even their email communications are encrypted.